As We Say Good Bye to 2015…

We are only a few hours away of welcoming the New Year 2016!  As we say good bye to 2015, we remember the milestones this year has left in our lives.  I want to say Thank You! for being here and look forward to many changes in 2016 🙂 PhotoGrid_1451619885540

2015 – A Year In Review

  • The major impact this year for me and my family was the loss of my Dad, this month of December.  Sometimes many years go by before a “major” person in your life “moves on”.  This year 3 very dear individuals left us.  This is definitely something that will make changes in your plans.  My heart was heavy and even though I was working….. the progress was slow…. the 3 losses were 4 months apart from each other, so… by the time I was bouncing back and moving… BAM!   I do have so many wonderful memories of them and feel so much love.  As 2015 leaves I say good bye and they will live in my heart for ever.
  • I am finally pursuing my dream.  I am doing what I love. After having my business on a part-time basis since being an Office Manager of a Real Estate office took so much time, now I am working my business on a Full-Time basis.   The change was not easy and as of today, the changes are still taking effect.  Everything is coming together.  I am stressed with so much on my hands, but I am the happiest I’ve been in a long time.
  • This year, can I say… Oh My Gosh!  I had to learn about widgets, plugins, subscribe buttons, lists, SEO, and don’t even mention PhotoShop and PicsArt .  The Twitter deal, LinkedIn and Instagram and Pinterest!  LOL!  Who said that you cannot teach an Old Dog new tricks?  Well…. this Old Dog is learning fast!
  • Business keeps expanding.  The official change occurred at the end of May 2015.  It has been a wonderful experience.

My plans are to stay healthy, keep enjoying my grandsons, travel more and looking forward of meeting many new people.  What about you?  What are your plans?

As we make plans for 2016, REMEMBER!!!!!   It never works out Exactly how you planned it.  You need to be ready for some detours in reaching your destination.

  • Always keep a positive mind, don’t dwell on the problem, instead work on the solution.
  • When someone doesn’t want to change… try for a little while to help, but do not expect miracles.  It is difficult to help a person that does not accept any changes in their life.
  • Toxic People…. you know which ones…the ones that the first thing that comes out of their mouths is the Worst Possible Scenario!  Ufff!  Sometimes they change… but not too easy.  I just stay away as much as possible.   Surround yourself with more positive individuals and those that like to solve the problem that arises instead of re-living the moment over and over and getting stuck.

We will welcome the New Year 2016 tomorrow!  I see you then and again….. Time to go and Celebrate!  🎆🎇   Thank you!

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