Never Give Up! I Almost Did

Neever Give Up Maritza with logoWhen you have a business, specially when you are getting started, sometimes it feels like it’s not worth it, like you are wasting your time.  Remember this…. Never Give Up!  I work with so many amazing individuals and at least 80% of the time I experience the same emotions coming from them.  For example:  Frustration, the always present “I Can’t Do It”, Doubt, Fear, Lack of Planning, Time Management just to name a few.

Running a Home-Based business is wonderful, but it takes discipline and dedication. It is so easy to be distracted while working from home.  As you know the work that it is needed in a household never ends, between laundry, kitchen, gardening….. the list is so long that we can fill the page here.  All depends on the size of your family as well.

I have been working from home since 1989, first with a Ceramic Business until 1998 when I went into Real Estate and worked from my home office after I picked up my daughter from school and finally with the best decision of my life as a Health & Wellness Consultant where I am planning to be for the rest of my life.   My advise to you is to find what will work for you, something that you will be happy to be doing all the way until you are at least 100 years or more  😊  Everyone is different and your heart will sing with a different type of work.  I was content while doing the ceramics and doing real estate, but I was thinking in the future as well.  While in real estate, the income was good, but I was not happy, I knew I did not want to reach the “Golden Age” doing this.  I was also thinking about a residual income, a way of increasing my income while working about the same hours a week and most important for me, I want to be happy and truly enjoy my work.  I am blessed, because I found it.  Was the transition easy?  Heck No!!!

Here are some tips that worked for me:

  • First decide how many hours you are going to dedicate to your business each week.  These hours are not including the time you need to get organized, read materials, learn how to use any new operating systems.  We are talking about contacting clients and promoting the business.
  • Talk to your family and let them know what you are doing.  If you never worked from home before, this will be new to everyone and they will need to respect your “work time”.
  • Write down the time you worked.  You will be able to keep track this way and realize if you “worked” or were busy doing some other things.  Prepare a work schedule for yourself every week.  Some days you may work mornings, other nights and what about weekends?  I work every other weekend, unless I have a special event.
  • Even though you will have a major goal.  Take that goal and divide it.  Look at it this way, you want to go up a flight of stairs from Floor 1 to Floor 20, in order to succeed, you will need to go through all the floors in between.  I like to set 90 days goals and go work for them.  This will help you stay focused.
  • Do not be afraid of the word “NO”.  I tell all the people I work with this…… always keep in mind “NO = Next”.  Say “thank you for your time”  and move on.
  • Stay focused, be clear and find your “why”.
  • …there is so much more…. these are only a few tips that will help you get started.

Remember…. Don’t Quit!  Don’t Lose Faith!   Never Give Up!  I almost did!   I am glad that I took a deep breath and after working on my business part-time for several years I finally made it my Full-Time business.  Just by looking at my previous post will give you an idea.  I did not know how to work this posts… set up the website or anything about plugins and widgets.  It took LOTS of determination but it is done.  Thank you to all of you that have been around me, provided lessons, helped and listened to my frustrations.  We did it!  and if I can do it, you can do it too!

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